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Customized 340B data solutions that allow our clients to maximize the value of the Federal 340B discount drug pricing program.

Run daily inventory, eligibility, and pharmacy contract reports. Our team will go through your entire 340B covered entity integration process to ensure your data is accurate and secure.


Customize your data solutions to get the most out of your programs

Whether you just need reconciliation or full TPA services we have all the information you need to run your covered entity in one place.

stop leaving money on the table

Enhanced Capturing Systems

340MetrX does not rely on a single source of data to examine qualifying program claims. Our platform conducts multiple reconciliations to ensure that covered entities receive all savings for which they are eligible.

Specialist Rx Capture

Many FQHCs refer patients to external specialists for care covered by grant funding. Our system will analyze referrals to specialists to capture claims eligible under the program.

Duplicating Core Claim Reconciliation

Our reconciliation program takes data sets from EHRs, switches, and pharmacy software to capture all eligible claims.

340B as easy as one, two, three!

340B Savings

Don't leave money on the table! Get 340B summary reports, identify trends for 340B savings, and solutions to support program effectiveness.

Pharmacy Performance

Be in control of your contracted pharmacy services to offer your patients a seamless experience. Our detailed claim data and perpetual inventory tracking puts you in the driver's seat of performance.

Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant with 340MetrX to support program integrity! Get full view of patients' journey including provider information, medication, records and demographics.

What can I get with 340B MetrX?

✓Back end support
✓Twice Monthly Reports: Billing, Inventory, Replenishment
✓Claim-by-Claim Cost Analysis
✓Accounting support
✓Inventory Management
✓Perpetual Inventory Reports
✓Replenishment Ordering
✓Prescription AR Management

How often do I get reports?

Reports are generated and provided to the 340B Entity on a semi-monthly basis. The initial Reporting Period will consist of fifteen calendars days commencing on the Pharmacy Service Agreement start date. The second reporting period will begin on the sixteenth calendar days after the contractual start date. Each subsequent semi-monthly reporting period will begin on the 1st of each month and the 16th of each month.

Our 340B Administration Support Team will provide Covered Entities with reports for the prior semi-monthly Reporting Period within 5 business days after the commencement of each semi-monthly Reporting Period. Additional ad-hoc reports can also be generated as needed at the request of the Covered Entity.

How do you deliver your reports?

In relation to the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule, data encryption is a  method to safeguard protected health information (PHI). To make sure the delivery of reports is HIPAA compliant we use end-to-end encryption, which secures both messages in transit and stored messages. This allows us to safely deliver reports and data containing PHI. Our 340B support team will contact your team for initial training and set up.

What do I get with my dispensing report?

The Dispensing Report lists all prescriptions filled by the Pharmacy for Eligible Patients. This report includes data including but not limited to Eligible Patient Entity site, prescriber name, prescription number, drug name, drug strength, NDC number, quantity dispensed, copay collected, reimbursement collected, payor source, PBM fees, and pharmacy dispensing fees. Reports can be customized at the client's request.

What do I get with my inventory report?

The Inventory Report details the total quantity of each Covered Drug dispensed and replenished by drug name, strength, NDC, quantity dispensed to Eligible Patients, quantity replenished, date of replenishment, quantity returned, and balance of each Covered Drug in units and aggregate value based on purchase price.

What is included in our 340B statement?

Covered Entity will be provided with 340B statements that totals, in aggregate and by payer source, gross reimbursements due to entity, cash collected on behalf of entity, total costs of goods sold, total number of dispenses, total dispensing fees to be paid to pharmacy, and net cash income earned by Entity (collections minus cost of goods sold minus fees), for the reporting period.

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