Managed Service Organizations in Florida can now join our beta version. Customized MSO data solutions that allow our clients to manage cost, adherence, and patient outcomes.

Get customized reports on patient medication usage, prescribing trends, formulary compliance, and risk alerts.


Data management for MSO enterprises

All the information you need to smoothly run your health practices in one place!

Medication Adherence Management

Take control of your pharmacy dispensing to make every patient a five star patient!
Our data analytics platform identifies gaps in therapies, and adherence risks. We partner with high level pharmacies to deliver results.

Compliance Tools

Our expertise in analyzing formulary management will provide your organization with actionable alerts such as STATIN gaps, drug interactions, high risk patients, and brand to generic ratios and more!

Cost Containment

MSOMetrX gives your team all the information they need to maximize profitability on full-risk and semi-risk contracts. Our programs and tools keep costs down while improving patient outcomes.

MSOMetrX FAQ Section

How can MSOMetrX can help my MSO organization save money?

MSOMetrX identifies all patients associated with your organization. By linking these patients to you, we can streamline their medication therapies prescribed by any provider they are associated with. Our tools will look for generic alternatives to all brands, high risk medications, and therapies with low adherence rates. By optimizing prescribing practices, we improve adherence and compliance while keeping costs down.

How can MSOMetrX help doctors with low adherence scores?

MSOMetrX uses data analytics and high performing pharmacies to improve adherence scores. We can provide consultative services to dispensaries to increase adherence as well as recommend external pharmacies who can manage the medication therapies of your patients. Our data analytics tools provide you with reports regarding pharmacy performance.

Are you able to provide utilization reports for the entire organization?

Yes! Our technical team will work with you to get authorized access to your prescriptive data in order to provide utilization reports.

Can MSOMetrX help identify gaps in therapy?

Yes! Our technical team will work with you to get authorized access to your prescriptive data to identify gaps in therapy.

How we use data analytics to identify patient trends?

We use data from your EHR and the prescriptive history of patients to create visualizations and actionable alerts to help identify patient trends and optimize health outcomes.

Can MSOMetrX help our organization reduce waste?

MSOMetrX is your key partner in analyzing and understanding data from all sources: patients, providers, health plans, and government agencies. Our deep understanding of health metrics will allow your organization to minimize and mitigate costs caused by inefficiencies within your practice, optimize internal process, and reduce waste.

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