About Us
About Us
Management Team
Cecile Munnik
Jay Weisberg
Birute Norkute
Lyz Dominguez
Compliance Supervisor
Pamela Roberts
Pharmacist in Charge
Momina Karapetyan
Pharmacist in Charge

About clearmetrx

Empowering healthcare through data

Our platform allows doctors and patients to make informed decisions based on fact supported insights

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers and their patients through data analytics that improves care management across all healthcare systems. We convert endless records into actionable insights that enables users to make better healthcare decisions.

Our Vision

Robust analytics for real world healthcare to eliminate inefficiencies, miscommunication, and undue burdens on providers, patients, and payors. Through technology driven solutions, we can enhance personalized care and create an interconnected system of information that elevates healthcare outcomes, reduces cost, and protects patient privacy.


Our core values create the foundation upon which we build innovative solutions to improve quality of care and healthcare experiences:

✓Reliability, Accuracy, and Compliance  
✓Provider Empowerment Tools and Information​
✓Enhanced Communication and Integration​
✓Improving Patient Engagement and Health Outcomes​
✓Valuable Technology Experiences​
✓Patient Privacy and Data Security

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