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Our data analytics platform allows pharmacists and pharmacy owners to be on top of their data. Our platform analyzes prescriptions, POS, sales, and inventory data to provide meaningful insights for smart decision-making.


Pharmacy Data Management Solution

Designed by independent pharmacists for independent pharmacies

Inventory Management

The average pharmacy turns their inventory eight to twelve times a year. Obsolescence, expiration, and inefficient inventory management systems lead to high operational costs. PharMetrX optimizes inventory systems.

340B Reporting

Our data analytics platform has been specifically designed to meet the needs of 340B contracted pharmacies. Our systems identify uncaptured claims, gaps in replenishment, and associated costs such as DIR and BER fees.

Sales Reports

Our platform analyzes sales data to maximize gross margins and prioritize valuable sales opportunities. Our DIR calculator estimates potential PBM liabilities to allow you to predict total cost and make smarter decisions.

Performance Improvement

Our expertise in analyzing formulary management creates actionable alerts such as STATIN gaps, drug interactions, high risk patients,  brand to generic ratios and more to improve your medication adherence performance.

Identify Savings for your Physicians

Our adherence experts will help you manage adherence, medication performance, and MTM cases to increase revenue and identify savings for your referring physicians.

Financial Reporting

PharMetrX is a full service back-end organization that offers accounting, financial reporting, audits, and compliance support. Our tools will help you streamline and grow your business.

PharMetrX FAQ Section

Can PharMetrX measure patient adherence?

PharMetrX uses multiple methodologies to analyze available data from pharmacy software and external sources to measure patient adherence and performance.

How can PharMetrX help improve the services I offer?

PharMetrX was designed by pharmacists to improve the quality of services, availability of essential data, and financial results of independent pharmacies. Our tools help you manage inventory, accounting, compliance, audits, sales, MTM cases, and more!

Can PharMetrX run reports on internal proceces?

PharMetrX full consultative suite gives pharmacies access to a team of pharmacy experts that will analyze your internal processes and work with you to implement new solutions and strategies to optimize your business.

How can PharMetrX help identify STATIN medication gaps?

PharMetrX identifies hypertensive and diabetic patients, without STATIN prescriptive history. Our programs can assist you in communicating with physicians to close STATIN gaps.

Can PharMetrX help us run quality surveys to patients?

We can help you manage NPS surveys from specialty patient to meet URAC requirements every term.

Can PharMetrX help predict PBM fees such as DIR, BER, and GER?

Yes! Our PharMetrX PBM calculator, will not only help you predict potential fee liabilities, but also give you the tools to asses claim profitability at the time of adjudication.

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